How an attorney helps after a dog bite attack

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Maybe you were visiting a friend whose dog suddenly attacked you without provocation. Perhaps you were walking down the road or in a park when a loose dog bit you. Whatever the situation, dog bite attacks can leave lasting physical and emotional scars.

Especially if your young child was the victim of a dog bite attack, it could result in serious emotional damage, including a lifelong fear of dogs. You may think that dog bite attacks aren’t a very serious matter, but they can result in thousands of dollars of medical bills, depending on the severity and location of the dog bite.

Getting bit on the face can change your life. Facial bites can cause disfiguring scars or impact your ability to work. Many times, the victim may need expensive plastic surgery to ensure a full recovery. You shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars in medical costs because someone else failed to properly care for his or her animal.

Was the dog’s owner liable for the attack and resulting injuries?

Arizona has very strict dog bite liability laws. Even if the dog in question has never attacked or bitten a person before, the owner is generally liable for all injuries the dog causes. The only exception for that liability law is if the person who was bitten was illegally on the property. If your child jumped over a fence and got bit, the owner may not be liable. If you or your child were invited into the yard or if the dog was on public property, liability likely rests with the owner of the animal. An attorney can give you advice about these details if you are unsure about who would be responsible.

Dog bite attacks can often result in a lot of medical bills. In addition to trauma care and the possible need for plastic surgery, it may be necessary for the victim to receive psychotherapy. A fear of dogs or public spaces could result from the attack. If it was particularly vicious, the victim could also develop post traumatic stress, which requires professional help to resolve. Your family shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay for those expenses because someone else failed to control an animal.

Your attorney will advocate for you

Many times, homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance policies cover medical costs associated with a dog bite attack. These companies may try to offer you a low initial settlement offer. You should never sign or agree to a settlement until an attorney has reviewed it. Your attorney can negotiate on your behalf for a better settlement, if necessary, or even file a civil lawsuit. Your best hope of protecting your finances and family after a dog bite attack comes from working with an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney.

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