Fighting to recover compensation for animal attack victims

A previous post here discussed a lawsuit that was recently filed against renowned film director Martin Scorsese, an action taken after his dog allegedly attacked one of the director’s employees. As evidenced by the harm claimed in this lawsuit, these types of animal attacks can have far-reaching consequences. While it may be obvious that a dog bite or other animal attack can leave a victim with immediate physical pain and, perhaps, the need for medical attention, the truth of the matter is that many victims of these types of attacks suffer more extensive injuries. These injuries may include broken bones, sprained tendons and even damage to the head, neck and back.

Although these injuries can also result in extensive pain and suffering, as well as unexpected medical expenses, the damage doesn’t stop there. Instead, a victim may also be forced to deal with lost wages if he or she is suddenly rendered unable to work for a given period of time and, especially in these types of cases, disfigurement is a very real possibility.

It may seem impossible to come back from these losses, but a personal injury lawsuit, like the one filed in the Scorsese case, may go a long way toward helping a victim. That is what we at Gary Phillips Accident Law hope to achieve. We have extensive knowledge of the law and experience applying it in an aggressive fashion to our clients’ claims in order to attempt to help them achieve favorable outcomes, which allowed them to focus on what matters most to them.

We recognize that no two cases are the same and that many personal injury lawsuits are highly contestable. That is why we strive to give our clients the individualized, custom-tailored legal representation they deserve. It is our hope that by doing so we can aggressively fight back against over-zealous defense attorneys who might otherwise threaten the viability of a person’s legal claim. To learn more about what our firm has to offer, please visit our website.

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