Children often suffer lasting injuries in dog bite attacks

Most children are naturally outgoing and curious. When they meet a new dog, they are very likely to want to go pet it and make friends with it. Unfortunately, not every dog is excited to receive that kind of attention. Some dogs could even become violent, biting and injuring the children that thought only to play with the animal.

As a parent, the last thing you ever want to imagine is your child suffering a traumatic injury. Unfortunately, not even the best parent can protect their child from every incident and trauma in life. Whether you were visiting a park and a stray dog became aggressive or a friend’s pet turned on your child, you could have had your child in what felt like a safe situation that resulted in a serious injury.

Children can often suffer lasting injuries as a result of dog bite attacks. That is why, as a parent or guardian in Arizona, you must be an advocate for your child in the wake of such an injury.

Dog bites can cause lasting injuries for children

The first and most obvious risk for children who suffer a dog bite attack is the potential for permanent scarring. Even a small dog could leave a visible scar on a child’s hand or face that they will have to see for the rest of their lives. Bites anywhere can leave scar tissue that can be both disfiguring and painful in certain circumstances.

When the injuries caused by a bite are severe enough to warrant cosmetic reconstructive surgery, children will often have to undergo that surgery multiple times. As they continue growing, they will need additional surgery to accommodate the wounded or scarred portions of the body.

The worst dog bites could have an even more dramatic effect on a child’s health. If the dog bite results in a severe broken bone, that could cause damage to the child’s growth plate. Injuries that involve growth plate damage can have a permanent developmental impact on a child’s physical well-being.

Emotional and mental trauma can persist for months or years after an attack

A dog bite attack can be quite traumatic for the child involved. They may develop a fear of certain spaces, fear of dogs or even generalized anxiety. Some children who wind up with severe injuries could develop post-traumatic stress as a result of a dog bite attack.

For these children, therapeutic counseling is likely the best possible resource. However, as with the best medical care, therapy and counseling can be incredibly expensive. Your family should not have to bear the burden of either medical procedures or counseling costs after a dog bite attack.

Discussing your situation with an experienced attorney can help you figure out what your best option for compensation may be. In some cases, there may be a homeowners or renters insurance policy that can defray your costs. Other times, you may need to take civil action. Those steps to connect with compensation can protect your child against the lasting consequences of a dog bite attack.

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