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Even when cooler temperatures creep in, residents in Arizona and other southern states enjoy fairly warm or mild weather during the winter months. This means that motorcyclists are seen on the roadways throughout the year. Even though they have a commonplace, some motorists in Arizona fail to check their surroundings and take note of motorcyclists traveling around them. Whether it is due to distractions, failure to check blind spots, or some other type of recklessness, when a motorcycle accident occurs, the results can be catastrophic.

Despite the fact that motorcyclists are taught to be aware of their surroundings and how to handle their vehicle on the roadways, this training can only go so far. When a negligent driver fails to take note of a motorcyclist traveling nearby, a collision could ensue.

At Gary Phillips Accident Law, PLLC, our skilled legal team understands how severe a motorcycle crash can be. Even when a helmet and protective clothing are used, when a rider is thrown from their bike they could suffer injuries to their head, neck, back, limbs, and internal organs. Unfortunately, this could result in a victim suffering head trauma, spinal cord damage, the loss of the limb, or damage to an organ, all of which could significantly impact the health and wellbeing of the victim.

Our law firm takes the time to fully assess the losses and damages suffered by our clients. This helps our law firm make our clients whole again in our efforts to hold negligent drivers liable for the accidents that caused the damages in question.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s motorcycle accidents website. Motorcycle crashes cause some of the most severe injuries, and victims are often left dealing with much pain and suffering form injuries that have left them temporarily or permanently disabled. Thus, it is imperative that victims understand their rights, especially when a negligent driver was the cause of the crash.

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